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Timex Electric - Measuring coil resistance

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A couple of weeks ago a member asked how to measure the coil resistance of a Timex Electric. As I'm working on a dead Timex Quartz, I took some photos to show how it's done.

May I ask what kind of meter I should use to test the coil?  I'm having what I believe are coil problems with my watch.  Also need to check for completed circuit.


If you look at the above photo, the coil terminates on either side of the balance staff. The one on the left is the common ground and the one on the right goes to a pin that will touch the contact wire.


On the other side, the contact pin is just under the roller table. So to measure the resistance, you must contact this pin and any metal part of the balance.

Hope this helps.

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    • I did something better yet, I updated my report and included a link to this thread! 😎
    • Tradera doesn't swich pics to show the movement, I guess its a ST96. Made in India.  
    • Haha, i used to do that when i spotted fake rolexes partly hidden in the corners of joblot watches. I guess the seller would hope some poor soul would think he had discovered a hidden gem and bid up. I suggested i was part of rolex's elite fraud squad and would be visiting the address listed by the end of the day, the listing promptly disappeared  🤣 
    • Hairspring coil is not concentric " pushed to side" ,    hairspring needs a bit of manipulation  near the stud to center the coil.          Turn the stud with a reglare screw driver to center the coil, thats all it needs.
    • As nice as your picture isn't it does show something that's a problem it would be nice to have a picture of the balance wheel in the watch looking straight down so we can see if they hairspring looks like it's centered. Because right now it does not look like it's centered but that could be because the balance wheel is leaning as it's out of the watch. In a case here is an image from your image and notice a problem it looks like they hairspring is touching the stud?     So when you put it back in the watch look carefully is the hairspring actually touching or not and when the watches running even if it's not touching when it stopped it may be close enough that when the hairspring opens up it will touch the stud. Then this is where it's nice to have pictures of your watch so we can give you helpful suggestions fortunately I found another picture online. I notice your stud has a screw on top I assume when you loosen the screw the stud will rotate? With no power on the watch providing they hairspring actually is touching the backside of the stud you can loosen the stud and see if you bump they hairspring back into being centered in other words you have to move the hairspring away from the backside of the stud like in the picture where you notice the outer terminal curve is much greater than what you have as a guess caused by your stud not being quite in the right place I suspect when you loosen the screw up with no power of probably just align itself where it's supposed to be. Then yes the words to describe this totally sucks versus if you could just see somebody do it. That's why I'm giving an image that's more of what you should see versus what we see with yours as soon as you get us a picture in the watch of the balance wheel then the definition a centered is if you look at your image you look at the coil spacing near the stud and look at the coil spacing on the other side of notice on the other side they are much closer together. I think once all the spacing is even you should be away from the stud the watch should be fine.            
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