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Bucherer ETA 2824

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This came to me via my sister in law.  I serviced it yesterday until after midnight but had to finish it today.

I have never worked on this movement.  When disassembling, I take lots of pictures, but this time--not enough.  Incomplete chronicle of the keyless works.  Well...not a problem...youtube has the answers, no?  Well, everybody I found was servicing the -2 of this movement and the keyless works are quite different.  Finally found one image on the net showing the keyless works info I needed.

I found this watch to be a little challenging to assemble.  OK...I am still a noob.  My guess is that the -2 model addresses the quirkiness of the previous version of the keyless works. 

Like a [email protected], I failed to install the dial support ring.  Now I am battling with myself whether to take it apart again.

This calibrated on the timegrapher in three positions to 0 s/d. Pretty impressive.

Oh, another mistake...used the wrong screw for the balance cock.  It was too long and protruded through the plate.  These kinds of errors plague me.

2021-11-23 18_59_57-20211122_205817.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2021-11-23 19_00_29-20211122_211347.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2021-11-23 12_17_10-20211123_121359.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2021-11-23 18_59_35-20211122_203826.jpg ‎- Photos.png

2021-11-23 18_59_45-20211122_204303.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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On 11/24/2021 at 9:02 AM, LittleWatchShop said:

Oh, another mistake...used the wrong screw for the balance cock.  It was too long and protruded through the plate.

I have a plastic box with many small compartments used for storing pills, that I have labeled with the common parts of watch movements: balance cock, pallet fork, train wheel bridge, barrel bridge, click, keyless work, motion work etc. I put the screws from their respective parts into them to avoid mixing them up. in practice, most movements have the same screws for the bridges (balance cock, barrel bridge, train wheel bridge) so you don’t have to clean that many screws separately. Most of the time, the bridge screws, motion work plate maintaining screw, and keyless work screw are the ones that you have to separate from each other. The ratchet wheel screw, click screw, or crown wheel screw are usually distinctive enough not to be confused with the rest.

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Nice piece,  We are all guilty of those kind of mistakes, tired, complacent or concentrating too much or rushing the job so take heart from the fact non of us is infaliable I know Iam not,  but put it down to old age.  I once did a pocket watch cased up then found the dust ring on the bench, a PIA so had to take it all out again.  Ah well.

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