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New Menber From Poland

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Hi to all from Poland.

Just a few lines to tell you all about myself.


Hi to all from Poland….. My name is David. I was born in Ilford Essex 64 years ago and now live in Poland.

My Dad is still alive (just) he is 93 years young and been a watchmaker all his life until he retired 25 years ago. (had shop in Southend Essex)


My interest in watch repairing was not so when I was younger, still not, more into clocks as they say…… BUT this has not stopped me sticking tools into the back of watches……


Mark has been a good teacher, I have been following most of his video’s (Thanks Mark) for all the info.


Now I had all my Dads tools and the rest of his material he had left over, sold quite a bit but still kept some. Also I had the watch he promised me a very long time ago. The watch is a Jaeger-LeCoultre, model number 431673 with the number under the balance, P450/4c.

What I am looking to do with this watch is to restore it to its fine glory, problem is I need a watch case for it, the dial (plus hands) to be restored but most of all I need the centre sweep.

If I can require all these OR FIND SOMEONE TO RESTORE IT FOR ME before my dad departs I can show him that this watch can be restored. As you can see from the photos. So any help will be much appreciated.

Mark, thanks for the workshop info, will be building my NEW one very soon.




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Hello Dpole and welcome.


I am just a tinkerer that gets by with help from others on the forum.  I got interested by marks videos and then hooked on it as a hobby


Looks like a job and a half there.  As far as the dial is concerned I think it will need to be refinished by one of the specialist companies like C&F Dial restoration - look under watch and clock repair suppliers on this forum.  There are of course others and  you may know a local firm.


Some info here: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&69&2uswk&LeCoultre_450_4C


As I said I am no expert but the movement does not seem too complex. You seem to need a friction spring screw (part 5471) this holds down the the friction spring for the sweep second which is lying next to the wheel. The spare wheel seems to be the driving wheel over the third wheel, don't know why these are off unless someone has already had a look at it.  These should not be bad to fit if the pinion is ok and if you get the screw but I would think that the whole watch should probably be dismantled and cleaned checked over for wear put back together if all is serviceable and oiled on the way.  It may be the pic but the hair spring coils looks like they may be touching and if they are that could be a problem or perhaps just magnetism and if you are lucky they are not touching at all !


I checked with cousins uk and there seem to be parts available but the friction spring and balance are obsolete so hopefully yours is ok.  If you cant get parts needed we all generally look on the bay for a spare movement to butcher.


Here is a useful PDF


1105_JLC 450.pdf


Hopefully some of the more experienced members will chip in.


Good Luck









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Hi Vic, thanks for info.... the watch has been striped and cleaned and working well. Yes the sweep second pinion is also missing (which I will need)

The spare wheel showing  the driving wheel, this was off because someone has already tryed to fit it into a case which was too thin.  The pinion is ok.

The dial, I will not restore yet untill I can find the case and parts for this watch. Then I will restore the dial.

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Hi David - welcome to the forum, and good luck with the JLC!


Whereabouts in Poland are you? I was there in '69 (my wife's father was Polish) to see relations in Wroçlaw, Zakopanie and Ostruw-Wielkapolska. The country has changed a lot since then!

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Hi Dpole welcome to the forum. I sincerely hope you manage to source all the parts required to complete your watch project. I love the idea of letting your father see the finished item! :)

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Hi Willfly, glad to talk to someone who know Poland.... Yes I live about 1 hour west from Wroçlaw, a town call Legnica. Dad is Polish been back and forth for the last 40 years. now married my polish sweetheart and moved to Poland 6 years ago. Country changed, yes like all countries, hopefully for the better. Love it here, bought a house, doing it up, well renovating would be better and will retire here.

So with all the work I am doing here, would like to give this watch to someone to compleat for me.

Regards Dave

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Hi Dave:thumbsu: and welcome to the happy factory! I wish you luck restoring the JLC, beautiful watches. Another Essex boy I see! Your father's shop was in Southend on sea, I was born next door in Rockford. Enjoy the forum.

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Hi Dople, Welcome, 

Looks like I got there late, I always advise that the min wheel should not be removed.

Many made this design with the external min wheel.  If you give me the OD for the min wheel I just might have the matching center second, as a welcomming gift. I have got a bunch of ID- less center seconds.



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