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    • By JuanitaAD
      I have always loved watches - whether it was wearing them or just looking at them.  I didn't know that people actually collected watches - I thought I was the crazy one. I started buying them at thrift shops on the looks alone.Then I learned about name brands and vintage watches and super-expensive watches and I was fascinated. I still cannot afford those for the most part but I have been lucky a few times on eBay, though. I have a few Raymond Weil's, some vintage Tissot's, one vintage Omega that needs a battery, and a few others. I am retired now and watches have become my hobby, including buying and selling them. I came to this site looking for help with my Omega. Hopefully somebody knows how to.
      Nice meeting you all and maybe I can be of help to some.
    • By FredS
      Hi, I’m Fred.
      I’ve  recently started collecting watches. I’m interested in the moon-phase watches . To support my habit I buy bulk lots. To repair and sell. Sometimes I run across a gem.
    • By DPipe12
      Hello to the WRT universe
    • By mcc
      recently I bought a SEIKO 5 with a 7S26C caliber, then I found the Watch Repair Channel on YouTube, than I found the videos of this channel, which are about exactly THAT movement...and the rest was only another step forward into this forum.
      I like to learn about movements in general and especially about the 7S26C.
      Cheers! :)
    • By Deborah
      Hello, I have just joined the forum. My name is Deborah Bell and I run a mechanical watch and clock museum with my mother, in Haltwhistle Northumberland- 'Mr George's Museum of Time'. The museum is based around a series of children's stories which my mum wrote about her father who was a watch and clock repairer in Northumberland- the 'Mr George the clockman stories'. My mum became a repairer herself and has a huge collection of watches, clocks, tools and parts so we decided to bring everything together so children could learn all about mechanical "proper" time and Mr George, and adults could look at the collection and reminisce. She still repairs both watches and clocks now and has her workshop on our museum premises!
      Hope to chat to a few of you on here!
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    • I haven't messed with a Timex dial but I have with others similar.  I used a very thin piece of  brass sheet and cut it to a T shape.  I bent it at 90 deg then used JB Weld to fix it to the underside of the dial with the top of the T on the dial and the leg of the T used for the tang and left it to fully harden in a warm place for a few days.  As JB Weld sets very hard and can be filed etc when hard, any excess can be easily removed to give a flat surface under the dial.  The brass plate should not be too stiff and the dial part big enough to avoid the dial part peeling when bending to fix the dial. Obviously there must be room between the underside of the dial and the movement, for the repair to allow the dial to sit flat.  If its metal to metal then maybe superglue would work as well.
    • Thanks dadistic for your tab bending tech. I have tried a variation of it with the goal of not bending at the point of contacting dial and it does work well. I did put too much pressure at that point when I broke the one tab and I could just feel it was going to happen. And thanks for the dial dot info too as this was another method I wondered about, And, AndyHull, I don't know what the dial is made of but I think it is brass. I'll take a closer look at it later.  Thanks 
    • Thanks for that. I'm in the middle of designing a replacement part for one of my clapped out old microscopes. Once I've printed that, I suspect your hand press will be the next thing to come out of the hot plastic spaghetti machine. Now all I need is a 3D printed robot to crawl round the floor looking for those tiny parts that have made a bid for freedom.
    • I'm interested to know what the tool is. On various other forums it mentions a tool. Most of the threads I found are from around 2010 and dead. 
    • You can also highlight text in a previous post, and a highlighted option box *should* pop up to "Quote selection". Like a lot of things that should just work, this can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, so try selecting the text again if it doesn't work the first time. See the example below. Just to avoid confusion, the above is an image, so it generally wont work if you try to select part of an image, but will work if you select text. Try highlighting this BOLD text to see what I mean.     
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