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Purchased the GR book from Cousins today £19 odd  hopefully I will no longer purchase the wrong size springs.

I must get one!

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    • By Colditz
      I too have a Longines 7084460 with broken mainspring. What would be the correct replacement spring for it and do Cousins do one.? The number is engraved on the movement. This number is engraved inside the case back. 23204 114
      Thanks guys.
    • By Mazboy
      I am working on a Bulova 11 BLC movement and trying to source a new replacement mainspring, does anyone know where i may be able to source one?
    • By agregate
      I'm trying to release the tension in the mainspring on an Elgin grade 144 pocket watch and unlike my grade 291, this one has a hidden click and the main barrel is tucked underneath a plate.
      I've looked online and found a single forum post stating I need to push a pin or very small object into a hole underneath the main barrel (which there is one) while simultaneously holding the stem in place to stop it from unwinding all at once.
      The problem is, I've got a single screwdriver that fits in this pinhole and after poking around in a few directions, it doesn't seem to be releasing the click. I don't know if this is the right hole (it is the only one) that I'm putting it in, if it's supposed to be on a specific angle at insertion, a certain depth, etc. I've attached photos of the side of the movement and a diagram of what I am doing.
      For what its worth, its a lever set.

    • By oldboy
      I am considering selling leather watch straps, but I have a question before I blindly go ahead and produce a bunch of them.
      I am wondering if anybody who has worked in the industry for a while can tell me what the most common sizes are of strap pins or lug widths?
      I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
    • By PaulnKC
      WRT Members,
      I have a 50's/60's era Waltham men's wristwatch that needs some help.
      It's in amazing (as-new) condition, but while wearing the other day, it stopped - even though there should have been plenty of power in the mainspring.
      Disassembling for investigation quickly revealed the trouble. The screw-head from the ratchet wheel screw had broken off and found its way in to the train wheels and locked everything up.
      There appears to be no other damage - thankfully. But now I want to fix the movement. My preference would be to find a barrel arbor and screw - or better yet a complete going barrel assembly new with ratchet wheel screw.
      I am search eBay now - but thought I'd check with you guys to see if anyone knew of a good source for such parts. I haven't found any yet.
      NOTE: This movement is Swiss made, 7 jewels, marking on the base plate look like Unitas 1690/02
      Any info/help is greatly appreciated.
      Kind Regards,
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    • Big thanks for Markr for the giveaway, really enjoying the watches and tools. 
    • I have done the same thing on a 565.  I chose to press out the Incabloc setting.  I then installed the new spring and jewel into the setting, and then pressed the assembly back in.  I didn't have any issues with it changing the end-shake.
    • I am Devon, a 46 year old software engineer living on the front range in Northern Colorado.  (The smoke from the fires has been ridiculous)  I recently recieved 2 pocket wactches from my Grandfather's estate.  He passed in 1986, but circumstance brought the wathces to me 3 months ago.  I have always had a fondness for wrist watches, but never really had the cash to afford the Omega's and Rolex's of the world.  (Really want a speedmaster saphire sandwich) I had started watching Mark Lovick's YouTube channel and was transfixed.  I lost hours over the past couple of months watching those and others service and repair watches.  After time, I began to suspect that my pocket watches might just be mechanical.  The first watch did not tick, and had no crystal.  The second watch ticked, but was missing hour and minute hands.  I opened the casebacks and found amazing things.  I had a 1877 waltham and a 1886 watham.  Those I took to a watchmaker here in Colroado to have restored since they belonged to my Great Grandfather.  However, I was hooked. I want to learn how to service watches.  I have ordrerd the Mark Lovick recommeded full set of essential tools, I have enrolled in his classes and am about 1/2 through. I am just loving this.  (And now... I am in a bit of a pickle with my first service... and need help)
    • I’ve done enough of my own stupid stuff. I doubt this guy’s going to show me anything. 
    • When I tear down a movement, I keep parts segregated for this reason. Plus lots of pictures.    Here’s one all apart for example: each “layer” is in its own cell, with its screws. 
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