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Greetings from the UK!

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Hello Everyone,

I'm Ed, a new fella to Watch Repair Talk.

I guess I have YouTube to thank for getting me fascinated with watchmaking. For a few years ago I started watching Watchfinder & Co videos, odd since I didn't own a watch until about a month ago! But ownership didn't really come into it, I just appreciated the craftsmanship that went into making watches and the precision required to do so.

Then, about a year ago I found a channel called Wristwatch Revival with a chap called Marshal. He dismantled, cleaned, oiled and reassembled a watch and explained what he was doing and why. That kind of got me hooked. There's also something that really attracts me to the idea of taking a broken watch that could be older than me and making it live again, it's hard to put into words. Hope I'm not over romanticising! 

So after a lot more watching and reading and watching I decided to take the plunge and commit to buying some tools in order to learn hands on about watch repair.

I have some sacrificial, broken-beyond-repair pocket watches to get me started. Also an understanding that I'll be watching mainsprings take flight, loosing just about anything that can be lost and be spending about 50% of my time on my hands and knees hunting for whatever it was I dropped.

That's about enough for now, I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying watchmaking.

Best regards,


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