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Hello from Utah, and a question


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Im pretty new to watch repair, just a few watches serviced so far.  This forum has been a big help.

As for the question:  I’m in the middle of a Slava 2416, and have a reassembly issue with one of the mainsprings.  I was trying to rewind it, but after a rather epic battle, I now have a mainspring fit for the trash can.  I’ve had no luck trying to source a replacement, including the cousins site, and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I found a donor Slava 2427 on eBay, but I don’t know if that’s compatible.

thanks for any help! 

- Anza

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Hi Anza and welcome to the forum.   Have a try with Jules Borel or Esslingers both in th USA  . Just had a look at jules Borel database for the 2414 and they have arbours with mainspring.

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OK in my GR catalogue it shows a Slava cal: 2414 and it’s mainspring is as follows:

GR 3919DB  the DB indicates it has a special bridal which is the shape of the start of the spring. It’s size is 1.45x0.075x240.


Cousins also supply the above as a complete barrel. 

The nearest size I could find re the sizes you have supplied is:

GR4059 1.50x0.07x240



there is also a GR4059DBH which is another shape of the start of the spring but Cousins do not supply that spring. 

You need to know the shape the spring see attached pic.




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