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Cuckoo clock music box repair


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Well...it had to happen eventually.  A friend asked me to repair her Cuckoo Clock.  I repaired many when I was doing that work for my Dad eons ago.  Time to refresh my memory.

The first issue I found was this music box movement.  As you can see. the nylon gear is split.  I wonder if I should try to repair it or replace the governor unit like with the one here.

As far as the clock movement, my plan is to clean it in my ultrasonic.  Should I use my L&R ammonia-based watch cleaning solution or something else?

2021-10-11 13_04_13-20211011_125027.jpg ‎- Photos.png

music box gear.png

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Latest update.  I got a replacement governor hoping that it would match up.  Well...it did not. It was close, but no cigar!!

I took the nylon gear off of the new governor and put it on the old one.  However, the diameter of the shaft was a few hundred microns off (the old shaft was smaller).  So, I put the nylon washer on and shimmed it with peg wood.  It was good enough.  The pitch of the gears needed to match the spinner, so that had to be moved over as well.

Got it to run after numerous eeky-tweaky adjustments.  HOWEVER!

It runs too fast.  I think the mass of the original spinner was greater.

I think I am going to put a solder blob on each blade to give it some additional mass.

Anybody on this forum gonna jump through the screen and grab me by the neck???

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Here they are mounted.  Since the minute hand uses a bushing, the fit was straightforward.  I printed in black because that is the filament I have loaded.

You notice that the upper circle is not open in the print.  That is because of the resolution.  I need to make that hole bigger for it to print properly.  Frankly, the lower one as well.  But, these are temporary anyway.

2021-10-18 09_56_59-20211018_095458.jpg ‎- Photos.png

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