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Elma Watch Cleaning Machine

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Thanks for that Bob

Here it is all cleaned up and on a test run Have to say when the timer alarm went off it made me jump lol

Wow!   What a bargain Andy, that looks like a quite expensive model too.

Posted Images

Little update, prepare the base today whilst I had a little spare time..


First I measured some adhesive cork matting for the glass jar areas. 4" x 1"


16056205815_2eeacd67b2.jpgDSC03467 by Micky.!, on Flickr


Using an X-Acto and a ruler, carefully cut the six pieces out


15870146399_a68859ff74.jpgDSC03468 by Micky.!, on Flickr


16055512282_f8662091bd.jpgDSC03469 by Micky.!, on Flickr


15868920160_f51b6f341f.jpgDSC03470 by Micky.!, on Flickr


Cleaned the areas where the cork will go with acetone to give a good hold.


16055512572_da143e0279.jpgDSC03471 by Micky.!, on Flickr


And done..


15870145869_889ba76dfb.jpgDSC03472 by Micky.!, on Flickr


The I refit the new base feet..


16055511672_a260558526.jpgDSC03473 by Micky.!, on Flickr


And done..


15870442017_b231297268.jpgDSC03474 by Micky.!, on Flickr


15433917454_61dbd8b059.jpgDSC03475 by Micky.!, on Flickr


All being well, I will begin the rewiring in the next few days :) I need to buy some soldering wire.

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I just opened the drawer where the new wiring was being kept, and darn, I forgot all about the heater refurb, so just finished it.  I wanted to clean this up as there were some stains, and thick spills on it, and don't really want to be breathing those fumes in when the heater warms up.
16056751355_46e643c650.jpgDSC03478 by Micky.!, on Flickr
15437091863_38e46e91c0.jpgDSC03477 by Micky.!, on Flickr
The actual heater plate has some light corrosion, so remove this with some 240 grit.
16056752645_57d63ebc30.jpgDSC03476 by Micky.!, on Flickr
And the finished components..
16054794411_0073759db6.jpgDSC03481 by Micky.!, on Flickr
15869298508_f89aacfb72.jpgDSC03482 by Micky.!, on Flickr
And assembled.
16056056242_e0c78c36f6.jpgDSC03483 by Micky.!, on Flickr

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Rewiring done today. :D


The wiring diagram I have is next to useless, so solely went by photos I had taken before stripping it down, so fingers crossed it works, I will be testing it tomorrow as I am shattered after spending a few hours on the floor assembling this thing, not as easy as you would think.


16060769571_e47ffbd45b.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Then to split the new wiring where it enters the base, this is required for the switched power to the heater.


16060770051_0f8ab07acc.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


15876636279_38100df191.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


15443059873_da2fb4b1b4.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Heater screws back into the base from the underside.


15875428520_3ed2d68bde.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


View of the cable run.


16062020022_1652cc6827.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


The to feed the wire up through the central pole, this I had to tape a smaller diameter wire to the larger cable ,so I could pull it through.  There is a central long spring in the centre pole, and this was causing some problems getting it in, Oh err.


15875272928_96bb641f46.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Stopper inserted, and guide fitted to pole.


15876951867_8e12f14f53.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


New cork fitted to motor housing


16036936526_9c55501f8b.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Base shroud fitted


15875274578_c86d8943d1.jpgUntitled by 03/'>Micky.!, on Flickr


And Elma plaque, I had to use the old screws for this as I couldn't find any new ones of the size.


15876643319_016cd2b932.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


And fitted..


16060777891_02c5c7b082.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Only to realise I needed to remove it again to fit the heater tunnel.  :crazysmile: 


Greased the motor arm


15875901610_29dff40b3b.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Fitted the heater tube


16037400886_cc867e6396.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Getting there now..


16037401536_f704bdf034.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Motor fitted to swing arm.


15443536623_2fe68b2d73.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


15877419097_158504bb09.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr

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Motor cover fitted.


16037403626_7139f956a3.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


15875741948_7ae8298f48.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr




16063193845_583931f207.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Motor speed controller fitted


15441803154_57b6966968.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


Then the rewiring fun.


16038313746_7eba404802.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr


And done


16064105595_d537011222.jpgUntitled by Micky.!, on Flickr



​Providing it actually works when I test it tomorrow, I will then go about fitting the new switch, and digital timer in the void you can see at the top.

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You have been busy Micky, well done sir. :-)

Only one question, did it really require so much grease on the pole to get it to slide?


Not really, found out it was the overspray from spraying that was causing some restriction in sliding motion, so cleaned up the excess grease.


Thanks guys, I will let yo know tomorrow if I blow a fuse or not lol

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And its alive!!!!



Everything appears to work ok, but I am unsure if 100% as they should because the red light it on al the time, and the motor only runs when the switch by the red lamp is switched one was?  The heater works too.  Can anyone confirm this is right?

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Micky the motor spins but is to fast or is this a test to check the motor is running. My L&R the baskets rotate in alternate directions while in the wash position at about half the speed your motor is spinning.


Must say this is really looking good so far.

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Ok, just tested it with a sample jar, putting water in there, and the speed is fine, and can be speeded up via the speed controller, just uploading a video now.  It appears that when I pull the baskets out the water, the speed increases for spin off?


Will post the video here shortly guys.

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Looks good.

The light should only come on when the heater switch is activated.

The speed is governed by the rheostat at the top, I'm sure he just has it at full speed :)

When you pull out it will be faster because the fluid effectively slows down the motor

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