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New member from Indonesia

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I am a newbie. Maybe I am too late to jump swim into this watch repair world. Basically I am an electronic man (such as laptop/computer, or any digital stuff of repairing)

My father was a professional on it (watchmaking) since 1970s. He passed away about 2 yrs ago.

Some days later, many his costumers came to us and didnt know about their watch repairman was gone. 

Suddenly I need to be like my father as a watch repairman, so that what I do at least could make me feel that my father spirits still with me, and his costumers still get servicement on any their watch. Because no one else can do watchmaking around here, especially on mechanic/automatic watch.

My conclusion is I need to continue his work.. in my left time.

Sometime I stucked on a tecnical situasion that no one can help, on any tiny problem that easily can be fix if my father still here.

I came to videos on yt, also browsing on sites. And then found this forum.  Great... so many expert here that maybe can help me sometime I need.

So I need your help Mr.experts in this forum

Sorry for my not good english.




New member from Indonesia.


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