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new member from virginia


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my interest in watches started very recently, i chanced upon an article about Pablo Picasso's watch recently sold at auction, the markers had been replaced with the letters in his name, which by luck numbered twelve, i thought this very cool.. So i counted the letters in my name and also came up with twelve, aha i said, i will make a watch like that. Thus the trip began, very bumpy to say the least, but the bug has bitten and i am infected,

my joining here reminds me of when i joined a squash club, i was a fairly decent racquet ball player at the time so i thought how hard could it be, men would beat me, women would beat me, even small children would beat me. But i was popular since i was a guaranteed win.

Like squash i will not be much of a contributor (for awhile) but i can commiserate with any difficulties.





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