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    • I think the UK is pretty well known for staid taste, and this ain't that; probably explains some of the reaction. As a woodworker, I can appreciate the use of wood and grain. Even with thousands of dollars in exotic woods stashed in a room in my basement, I have to say it's a bit busy for me for the piece. Some people will dig the natural beauty of it though.
    • I found this is invaluable when searching for that elusive vintage spring. 
    • Here they are mounted.  Since the minute hand uses a bushing, the fit was straightforward.  I printed in black because that is the filament I have loaded. You notice that the upper circle is not open in the print.  That is because of the resolution.  I need to make that hole bigger for it to print properly.  Frankly, the lower one as well.  But, these are temporary anyway.
    • Hi @highflyer In the UK a lot of folk will get parts from Cousins UK. For generic crystals there's https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/acrylic-shaped-watch-glasses for instance. Cousins even has specific Gucci crystals at https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/gucci . However your particular crystal seems somewhat unusual and specific being tall and narrow with rounded corners.  In fact what you're after is https://www.watchmaterial.com/watch-crystal-for-gucci-1500/; also available at https://www.esslinger.com/special-model-watch-crystals/ It might therefore be worth asking Cousins if they can source based on the fact they do other Gucci crystals and if no-one else comes up trumps with a UK source. Failing that you could request one from one of the aforementioned US sites although postage likely to exceed value of crystal unless you can ask for it just to be shoved in an envelope without all the UPS overhead. 😉 If you did take to a watch shop as @watchweasolsuggests clearly it would make sense in this case to get a cost up front; if these crystals are hard to source, and thus incur extra expense, you want to go in with your eyes open.  
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