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Recent Timex Repairs - 1963 Mercury, 1968 Marlin, 1970 Marlin

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Some of my recent repairs to non-runners that are now happy again.

1963 Mercury - water ingress damaged the dial so I cleaned it up and coated with a Sharpie.  

1968 Marlin - found the date detent spring was curved and causing the day of the month not to align in the dial window.

1970 Marlin - this was missing the case back, movement spacer and the hair spring was bent.  It was also very dusty inside since the case was exposed.  I replaced the balance wheel assembly form a M31 automatic.  Have to love the interchange parts Timex used!

All were cleaned, polished, movements serviced as outlined in the Timex Service Manual.

226623043_2768693676588173_4555380257750134026_n (1).jpg

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Those look great Jersymo. You've inadvertently identified a Marlin for me. I always suspected the very battered one I have was such a thing.  

Did you just touch up the dial with the sharpie or was it good going over all of it?

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Bearman said:

Did you just touch up the dial with the sharpie or was it good going over all of it?

The dial on the Mercury was originally a creamy white. But, it had developed a very rough pitting so I first cleaned off what was there.  I than used a stainless brush followed by a brass brush to give the gold patina to the numbers.  Followed with black sharpie all over.  just before it could dry I wiped all with rodico in a circular motion.  Giving most attention to making the numbers stand out.   Also as I move the watch around it give a bit of a color variance.  

So. I'm calling this the rat rod dial much like how vintage hot rods are done in a flat black rusty patina.

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All three look amazing, great job! Especially the Mercury, that mortice and tenon strap by the way is very attractive! Never seen one before! 

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