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Fume extractor

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Hello gurus,

I'm curious if any of you have any experience with fume extractors? Working all day with various solvents, cleaning fluids and the like, I'm exposed to lots of various fumes I'm pretty certain isn't what the doctor ordered. I'm considering buying a fume extractor but it seems most of such are focused on soldering smoke. Does anyone have personal experience with this or know what they use in the industry, for instance in clean rooms?

Best regards,

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Where I had my watch cleaning machine I had an extractor called an Xpelair and I found that did the trick. 

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In many analytical chemistry labs, they use so-called "elephant trunks", which are usually composed of a wide-diameter flexible hose tied to a rigid articulating arm and terminating in a large half-dome shaped plastic piece near the appropriate end of an instrument. Just search for something like "HPLC elephant trunk". They are usually tied to an exhaust system, but you may be able to find one (or build one) attached to a fan and some type of extractor or carbon adsorption filter.

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