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Hi chaps,

Nice to be here :)

I love playing with watches and I'm (slowly) learning how to service my own small collection of watches containing Asian7750 and 2836 movements..

I have setup my own blog, documenting my strip downs at


I always find re-assembly of the dial, dial spacer and watch hands the hardest part.

The other day I started a strip down and used watch hand levers to remove the minute,hour and chrono second hands.

but the blinkin chrono second hand tube was left in the pinion and the rest of the hand came off :(

Maybe presto watch hand remover would have been better ???

Anyway, it's a fun hobby, I think ??? :) :)

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I think I posted this in the wrong forum - doh.


Hopefully, I can get some tips on hand/dial removal and re-fitting ??


For me it's a bit hit and miss, sometimes I do it perfectly, sometimes the dial gets marked or the hands get scratched because they won't go back onto the pinion cleanly etc etc.


One thing I have learnt is to wear a clean pair of surgical latex gloves when starting the rebuild :)


All the best



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Welcome to the forum. Excellent blog, very informative. Regarding watch hand fitting, I find the Bergeon 7404 type (I use the anchor copies) easier to use than the presto type as you have more control should you need to adjust the clearance slightly.

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