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Accidentally pulled out stem from antique pocket watch.


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Hello, I'm Steve, proud owner of my grandfather's pocket watch, a wedding present to him from my grandmother a hundred years ago.

I accidentally pulled out stem from an antique pocket watch.  Replaced it, but stem is loose and moves the watch hands, but does not wind the spring. Can it be repaired or must it be replaced?  No one supposedly knowledgeable has been able to identify the manufacturer.  It was purchased in Germany in 1921. Thanks for any help.


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ill a really be nice to have a picture? this is because pocket watches and how the stem works can have a lot of variations that really helps to give us a picture.

Then where is the moderator when we need him? This is the section where you introduce yourself as a new person then you should ask your question of the watch repair section. Not everybody checks the entire message board for questions. That means oftentimes questions in the wrong place may go unanswered.

18 minutes ago, SCTurkel said:

Can it be repaired or must it be replaced?  No one supposedly knowledgeable has been able to identify the manufacturer.  It was purchased in Germany in 1921. Thanks for any help.

probably nobody can identify the watch because that's not a description for us to tell you what it is it's back to needing a picture and for dedication we need a little more than a picture. But a lot of it depends upon the watch because unfortunately there were a lot of watches made that there just is no identification for

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Pics work wonders, they really do.  The most helpful pictures would be: a detailed one of the movement (if you can safely open the back) and a close-up of the pendant-crown-bow (if there is a tiny screw going into the pendant, photograph that side) and pics of any case maker's marks, pics of the dial, pics of the whole thing.  From these we will extrapolate a clearer understanding of your problem.  (I have an idea what it may be already, but I want to be sure.)

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A watch of that vintage will unlikely be marked but by using the Bestfit book one my be able to identify it from the keyless work(hand setting and winding mechanism) so pictures ore of the most importance preferably with the dial and hands off the movement, serial numbers and any data from the movement is also helpful


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