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Watchmakers Lathe Bow Type Turning Arbours

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These are used when turning hollow parts between centers. Something like an hour wheel, you slide it onto an arbor that fits well, hook your bow around the pulley, put it between centers and now you can work on it. They are the brothers to drive dogs, which clamp onto the diameter of a part for dead center turning. Very old drive dogs are actually small pulleys too, for direct bow drive, but most you see are turned by a finger from a pulley on the turns which is either driven by bow, a hand wheel, or a motor.


In the pic you can see a set of drive dogs that are fixed by a screw, a couple of the old drive pulleys, and a set of "fish" that are sprung open with the tool, the part inserted, then released to clamp- along with a set of arbors.

drive dogs.jpg

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