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Hello from Maryland!

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Hello all.  My name is John and I live in Maryland, not too far outside Baltimore.  My obsession with this hobby started about three years ago, after watching Mark's video on how to make your own watch from parts.  I built the watch shown in the picture below, which is powered by a Sellita SW210 and is a great little timekeeper.  Despite my difficulty with fitting the seconds hand, I was bitten by the bug and then built a handful of watches for friends and family of varying designs.  I've recently signed up for Mark's online watch repair course and have just completed level two, servicing a Seagull ST36 in the process.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the community here!

IMG_2419 (1).png

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Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. A nice looking watch you are wearing. 

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On 6/23/2021 at 8:22 AM, Michael1962 said:

Have you got any photos of the other watches that you built?

The second watch I built is a pilot's watch based on a Seagull ST36.  The lume on this dial is fantastic.



The next watch I built is based on a skeletonized ST36.  This one was a real challenge but came out great.  The case is the smallest I've seen for a 6497 at 41mm.  It doesn't use a movement ring.  Instead, the movement is held in place by careful adjustment of the height of the case clamp screws, so that they just touch the caseback when it is screwed down.  I still have nightmares about this case.  I ended up 3D printing a spacer ring to fit between the caseback and those screws.

Guess how many times the winding pinion fell out when I removed the stem with the watch upside down on my casing cushion?  🙂




I then built a few other watches using Otto Frei's 36mm 2824 case.  Here's one with an open heart dial that uses a reclaimed Hamilton movement:






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    • It is very hard to see that line on my case.  But the ring must be there.  I attached a couple of pics.  One is the top of the case - you can see that the crystal came loose on one side.  I tried to get the same view you did in the other pic.  Not sure if you can see it.  So is it possible to push the ring out from inside? Also what is the best source for a new crystal?  Thanks much for your photo!
    • Welcome to WRT forum.
    • Hello, I have a problem with my ETA2801-2. Initially the watch was running great, but it was skipping while winding. I guess I made a mistake and pulled the train bridge in order to check the mainspring, afterwards I figured that wasn’t necessary. Anyway, after putting everything back together it was running with low amplitude and became impossible to regulate to anything over -120spd. I decided to pull the bridge again, and clean all associated parts in ultrasonic, and re-lubricate. Unfortunately nothing has changed, it still runs with low amplitude - about 230 and there is no way to make it run any faster than -120spd. What could be the reason behind it? Here is how it looks like on a time grapher. 
    • Hi, I’m not new to the watch world by any means, but I’m not a pro neither. I like to occasionally work with my watches as a part of watch collecting hobby 🙂
    • You're very welcome.  Perhaps it would be an idea to send a pic to Rolex themselves and see what they have to say.  You might have to take the back off the watch and take a few more pics.  Would be worth a try.  If you do that, please let us know how you get on.
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