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Hand Levers and Setting Tools

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I have almost all my tools assembled, but I realized for some reason that I have neglected to procure the above. I'm looking to purchase good quality tools, but hope not to spend an astronomical amount. Most of my stuff is Bergeon or Dumont (screwdrivers, tweezers, movement holder etc). I'd like to get a good serviceable set of levers for movements like the ETA 2824 and 6498, and probably the Seiko 7s26. That's what I'm starting out with, at least. I'm interested in recommendations of Brand and Size for both levers and setting tools. I'm going with levers first because I'd like to develop the dexterity to use them first, and to do so on practice movements. I've gotten most of my stuff from O. Frei or Esslinger (I'm in the US).





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I have the Horotec ones with the red handles, with the 2.5mm tips and I think the quality of the finish and the shape is worth paying a premium for. I have cheaper ones too, which work OK once reshaped. Many people seem to prefer the broader ones from Horotec (10mm), even for wrist warches, but I don‘t know why. For fitting, I have a very cheap set of three double-ended tools with plastic tips, which are 100% satisfactory. I have used these tools for everything from wristwatches through pocket watches up to mantle clocks. I haven't tried them on chronograph hands, which are apparently much more difficult to remove safely.

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