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Watch in the pool ?

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So ladies and gentleman, i recently bought myself a vostok amphibia 420059 which is still on it's way hence there is not picture. I'm going on vacation soon and wanted to bring the watch with me. I've never worn an automatic in the pool/sea, except a casio quartz movement. I know the casio can take a beating and it's only a 30 euro's but i'm asking you professionals if it is a good idea to take my watch in the pool and if i need to do something after swimming (rinsing the watch with water) ? I loved to hear so i can enjoy my watch for a long time! 

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Scuba dude!

These watches are meant for being thrown around.  Enjoy it.

Before getting wet, always check that the crown is screwed down.  After being in the sea or a pool, run it under the tap to wash away any sand and chemicals.  It's also a good idea to turn the bezel a few times to release anything stuck under there.  Then towel dry it and leave it somewhere warm to evaporate any excess water.

Enjoy your holiday.

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Even the best quality diver watches are only secure if they have been regularly serviced with new seals fitted. Another mistake which is common wearing them in the shower or bath the hot water just creeps in. I know because my son did exactly this with his Breitling, luckily he knew someone who could fix it 😀😀.

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2 hours ago, Len33 said:

NO WATCH is "waterproof,"

not entirely true one of the early LED watches known as the SYNCHRONAR 2100 RIEHL SOLAR was hermetically sealed. there's a link below that talks about the watch it unfortunately doesn't have the best picture of the module. the second link seems the missing it's taxed but does show pictures of the module. So basically the entire module is sealed up it's probably the closest I would know to anything that is waterproof. Unfortunately because that is sealed the rechargeable batteries go bad with time and your watch is now worthless.




On 6/11/2021 at 8:20 AM, Corstjens1 said:

casio can take a beating

yes but it's not a Timex. You want to look at the early Timex advertisements like this one you will note he ask he uses the word waterproof.


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On 6/15/2021 at 1:29 PM, Len33 said:


Divers' excepted, I personally cannot understand why anybody would want to take a watch into water.


I get it but i do want so sip on a nice margharita when i'm in the pool and not constantly have to take my watch of. I'm also very anxious with leaving stuff at the beach while i'm in the water so that's why I don't want to leave my watch laying around. 

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Ok. I hope your holiday goes well and that you enjoy your margarita on the beach.

However, I think that getting "Boris" to allow you to go away represents far more of a threat to your holiday than water entering your watch does!

Good luck.


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    • It sounds as though you are happy with this situation and have no ill feelings towards Swiss manufacturers whatsoever.  😄
    • Hey everyone I enjoy tinkering and used to get my fix by making knives, but with a baby (now toddler) that hobby has been put on pause.  My co-workers dad used to be a watchmaker but had to stop due to arthritis. I was lucky enough for him to give me some basic supplies to get started along with some busted movements and books. After destroying one movement I signed up for Mark's online course and have made my way through half of it while working on a couple of my own movements. Eventually I'd like to get to the point where I can buy vintage pieces and restore a handful a year. There is surprisingly little information on watchmaking and this forum has already been a great help. Cheers! Adam  
    • Any chance you can take some pictures and give a quick review of the tool? I suspect many of us will be quite interested in this tool.   I agree that some of the Swiss-branded tools are at least made in part in China, but touched-up/finished marginally in Switzerland. On the other hand, some of the Chinese tools are really a direct clone of the tool, which wouldn’t be so vexing if they actually worked as advertised: I bought some pallet forks for 2824-2 from china which were advertised to be compatible with ETA 2824-2 but couldn’t fit in the jewels. I have had better experience with Chinese tools that have their their own branding (such as Weishi), but even then, there are sometimes multiple listings on AliExpress of seemingly identical items with different Chinese brands. I would think that if one was a Chinese-speaking watch enthusiast in China, it would be easier to locate reliable Chinese tool manufacturers (as @HectorLooi previously mentioned) but for us, we have to rely on actual reviews from people who own the item!
    • Wow a thousand pound watch and the stem removal is booby traped by poor design 😎
    • I have just taken delivery of one of these myself.  After the nightmare I had with a Tag Heuer where the seconds hand popped off its tube when I used hand leavers like I always did with all the other watches I have stripped down, one set of Tag hands cost me £120, so the price paid for the hand lift tool £145 is not so bad if it saves me from that nightmare situation again. They are well made and a quality product, just got to wait for the next Tag to land on my desk to try it out in anger. Also remember not all these Chinese tools are clones or copies, some of them are the same tools some of the Swiss makers claim to make, they have their tools made in China and just package them in made in Switzerland boxes. I have some that are so identical the parts are fully interchangable with the Swiss version and all the machining marks are identical, showing they are off the same production line, and just sent to a different logo printer. The Swiss watch industry is a very shady industry, from watch makers only being bracelet makers who use a generic movement from a movement maker to the likes of Rolex who although they are a multi million company don't pay any tax because they are set up as a charitable organisation but only fund themselves, to their tool makers who have their tools made in China but claim they are made in Switzerland and charge over inflated prices for the same tool that can sometimes be bought direct from China at a fraction of the price the Swiss charge.
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