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[SPONSORED] Watchmaking Workshop in Lake Garda, Italy

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I'm pleased to announce a 1-day introductory watchmaking workshop to be held in the charming location of Desenzano on the southern shore of the Lake Garda in northern Italy, on (day to be determined) October, 2021.
The aim of the session is to have a guided, friendly introduction to practical horology by putting together your own watch from parts, including the movement, followed by quality check and casing.

The Venue
The event will be at the Palace Hotel, a 4 Stars hotel located downtown in Desenzano, meters from lake shore. The town is easily reachable from multiple airports in the area.

Your Watch
A quality men diver's, powered by an automatic Swiss made movement (2824 by alternate manufacturer) will be your to keep. The watch features a 41mm 316L stainless steel case, screw-down crown, ceramic rotating bezel, sapphire top crystal, see-through caseback. More details about the looks of the watch will be added shortly.

Your Teacher
Stewart  Lesemann is a professional watchmaker based in the horological region of Bienne/Biel, Switzerland. A former AWCI teacher, AWCI and WOSTEP graduate, Stewart has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the majority of these working independently. He specialize in prototypes part manufacturing as well restoration and servicing of high segment pieces. His disposition to share a vast knowledge of immediate applicability made him one of the leading contributors as nickelsilver on this forum.

The Class
Starting 9 a.m. the task will be divided in shorter segments which will be to be shown and on video projector by your Teacher, highlighting the best way to approach the specific manipulation, and the common mistakes to avoid. Then each participant at their individual desk will do the assembly using the tools provided. During the each phase Stewart will check the progress made by the students, show the best technique and lend an hand when necessary. Only once everyone has completed the segment the teacher will move to the next one, until the conclusion by 6 p.m. A complimentary unwinding & farewell toast will follow. The class will be held in English with partial Italian and French translation where necessary.

Your Skills
The class is designed to to be enjoyable by everyone, without specific previous experience. However, since a certain amount of dexterity is needed, we recommend that you do a minimum of practice on the mov.ts of worthless watches, either mechanical or quartz, removing and refitting screws, wheels and bridges.
After completion of the workshop you will be familiar with the nature and function of each part, having been taught the basics for working on the industry standard automatic movement.

Fee and Contact
The total price for the full day session, including your watch and case, light lunch, and coffee breaks is €650. Accommodation at the Hotel is available at €145 per night, 2ppl room, breakfast included. As the organizer I will handle all inquiries at my email address: [email protected] - Paolo Bevilacqua.

Adhesion Deadline
The latest date to enroll is August 31th, with a 30% deposit. In case a minimum number of students is not reached on the same date the event will be cancelled and all sums paid refunded. In case that Major Force prevents the workshop to be carried out on the day above, the sums paid will be kept by the organization for later rescheduling.

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Having been a WRT member for some years now I've come to know @nickelsilver as one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful professional watchmakers on the site. I'm sure this will be an amazing day for all.

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Nickesilver was and has always generous with his advise and guidance and I would advise anyone who is interested to take it up, At beyond retirement by many years a bit late for me but I wish you well. With a course of that standard with a Professional instructor of that standing and getting your own watch at the end, an oppertunity not to be missed.

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