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Certina Minus Part.

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Hello lads

I have had  very nice Certina Cal 919-1 in with

the owner saying "the dial is not centred in the case.

Not surprising when the stem and button are missing.

Any suggestions as to where I can order same?

All help will be most appreciated!


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Well I have managed to aquire a stem for

my Certina "Waterking" datewatch from

Cousins (thanks WillFly) but can anyone

tell me how to order a gilt button for it as I

don't know what the part number is. All i know

is that the stem number turned out to be 401.

I had to print out the PDF to get that! I assume

that the button will be a waterproof type with

"O" rings?


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Hi minuteman, part 401 is the generic number for watch stems... Applies to all swiss movements.

For the crown you need the case tube diameter, stem thread size , and crown material and shape.


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Thanks Anil-I got that number from the data sheet of the watch

which showed the picture of the stem as well so I hope it's ok.

I can take the measurements of the tube but iI'm hoping 

Cousins may be able to identify the button.


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