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    • Oh my word that’s so kind... I’ll be happy to reimburse you if you find anything
    • This is the pallet staff in place with both plates screwed down. A puff off my blower and as you can see it spins freely, as does the rest of the train. So I’m thinking the low amplitude is again the hairspring. It seems to be catching on itself as there looks to be a definite click to it when it’s in motion, it’s not massive but it’s visible.  Theories and thoughts appreciated, cheers  IMG_7091.MOV
    • Called an assortment or a mess, I,ll dig in my bag of 2000 staffs, I just may find some to suit your balance wheel. If not an exact match, you can get by with broaching for J and G while  K isn't as significant. Making a staff is a last resort and expensive and whoever makes one should fit it onto the wheel and poise it as well. I,ll start digging, be happy to gift wrap and send you some, fingers  crossed.    
    • That's very helpful! Appreciate the effort to draw it out!  My spring needs some adjustment then as it doesn't sit over the hole as you rightly said trying to get the Arbor hook engaged and get into its hole at the same time is what's causing my problem. I did think about manipulating the spring but didn't know if I would damage the MS. I will have a go at centering it whilst I wait for a new Arbor and spring to arrive.  Thanks again for all the help, it's been invaluable!
    • Glissalube 20 is 8217 and used in automatic barrels. Others forms of this grease is used for aluminum and brass barrels. The fit should be tight. If the end is not in the correct position over the hole in the barrel it could still slip no matter if it’s tight or loose. It should be positioned to where the hole end of the should be in center of the barrel slightly offset. I would love to show a pic but I don’t have any movements apart on my bench currently so I drew a makeshift diagram. As you see sometimes a new MS wont line the end up with the barrel hole so adjustments should be made prior to the end to get it centered. You are trying to hook the arbor on then trying to move it over to set it into the barrel hole which iam going guess that’s why it flew across the room. and I just realized I drew the MS backwards but you get the idea.
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