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    • Hello all, I've been collecting watches for several years, mostly new ones until their prices skyrocketed in the past 5 to 10 years, so now I'm mainly focused on vintage watches. The vintage watches that are affordable these days usually need a bit of work, and I've found Mark's videos extremely helpful and educational. I look forward to learning more about watch repair from you all!
    • i would shop ebay.  But it aint that easy.  Is the movement you have new?  Or old?  The movements usually fit approx 3/4ths of the width of the interior, about 1/2 the depth of the interior. And 2/3rds to 3/4ths of its height, not including the v of the roof. You gotta have room for the bellows in the depth.  Its probably easier to buy a complete cuckoo clock and use yours to cannibalize parts from when needed
    • So I fortunately found a Cyma 587 calibre movement on Ebay by chance.  The lady i bought it from didnt even have a picture of the movement on her listing but the dial and hands of her watch are exactly like my Gubelin made by Cyma.  And for $30 including shipping i took a chance and was lucky. The Cyma 587 wasnt one of the company's most produced calibres. I took the complete balance assembly out of the $30 junker.  Staff/roller/hairspring and its stud and balance wheel.  And placed that into the Gubelin watch.  Using the Gubelin balance cock. So far so good.  The watch is running.  I used my timer and got the speed to -28 seconds a day.  HOWEVER...... The balance only swings face side down or with the plates vertical.  If I place the watch face side up, the balance stops. At this moment i let the watch run for 2 days. I wound it twice.  Then i placed it back in its case and put it away after it lost power on day 3. While its dormant I bought a microscope.  I feel the cock jewels may be amiss.  Im unsure. If and when i figure out whats the issue.  Ill submit an update
    • Here is the latest watch I’m pleased to have completed for my collection. I bought this watch in a pretty poor condition described as runs intermittently and in need of a crystal. Well, that was not very accurate. One of the dual springs was snapped, the lower Inca lyre spring was snapped and by fortune the cap stone was found in the works. That explains the intermittent running Anyway, here it is, 2 new mainspring, a new gilt ring crystal and a nice brown leather strap. I only wish it was larger in diameter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Ok ive scoured the web as much as I possibly could and I cant figure out, what seems to me, to be a pertinent question. I see i can buy Seitz sized jewels from the supply house.  So I'm assuming that the jewel press by Seitz/bergeon has reamers with OD's that correspond to their jewel OD'S.  much like the bergeon bushing tool has reamers that match the bergeon bushings. They also still manufacture K&D bushings for a K&D bushing tool (or as i have it set up, my bergeon bushing tool using K&D reamers made to fit my bergeon). This leads me to my question of anyone who knows/uses the K&D inverto 18R.  This staking set is also a jewel press, yes?  And the reamers accompanying the staking set i would assume to be reamers for jewel insertion.  Are the K&D reamers obsolete?  Or is there some standard for jewel OD'S?   I need to purchase a jewel pressing machine but i also wish to upgrade my staking set.  And it appears that Inverto 18R would kill two birds but only if i can find jewels to match the reamers. Am I making sense with my questions and info? Thanks Steve 
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