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3D printed RS mainspring winder project for hobbyists

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I made something like this. What do you guys think? Ill put is alongside the normal arbor version for download. Hole size is for 2mm metal rods plus a little clearance. For large winder version it is 3mm.




Also for the metal rods itself, i think dowel pins are the best candidates, they are available in all sizes:

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5 hours ago, Imparatus said:

I'm working on practice movements at present, the Seagull 6498 and 2824....what size would I print for those?

Seagull 6498 is the one from Mark's classes?

I think it is the large winder 15.0mm, bowl 17.3mm. I also printed it a while back when I was doing his classes. But I'm not sure, please double check.


On 6/12/2021 at 5:16 AM, aac58 said:

But, with a bigger diameter, perhaps the spring will be tighter to the arbour and it will be harder to extract from the base and keep it into the housing?

Yeah, I guess so. But we will still have the option of using the smaller ones if this is the case.

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