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Can anyone advise on the desirability or potential demand for an item that arrived in a job lot from a well-known auction site? The last one mentioned here, the others are just for fun!


I had great pleasure in unwrapping all the various bits that turned up and even found two movements that were ready to tick - in fact, one of them started ticking as I picked it out and put it to one side. A BFG 34 movement       BFG1.jpg]post-742-0-76850600-1428947185_thumb.jpgpost-742-0-59023100-1428947209_thumb.jpgpost-742-0-54506900-1428947669_thumb.jpg


A parts-only movement looked quite good quality but had only the numbers 781-1 on the plate. post-742-0-10432700-1428946865_thumb.jpg post-742-0-60145100-1428946894_thumb.jpg


One of the principal reasons for buying the lot was not one but two Hopalong Cassidy watch dials. My early childhood cowboy hero. Hoppy1jpg.jpg]post-742-0-27089000-1428947243_thumb.jpgpost-742-0-51515700-1428947256_thumb.jpgpost-742-0-37486700-1428947272_thumb.jpgpost-742-0-06481400-1428947305_thumb.jpgmovement.


Any observations? Just for interest's sake.





P.S. Having looked at the preview I can see that some of the pics are out of order. Deal with it! :crazysmile:



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