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Second Vulcain Cricket restoration (almost complete)

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Here is another Vulcain I got off of Ebay.  It had some foreign ingress via the stem hole.  It was a black nasty stuff that fudged up the keyless works.  The stem could not be removed. Fortunately, this particular watch has an odd case system.  You can remove the movement without removing the stem.  Yay for that...otherwise I would have been SOL.  I posted about the rusted stem elsewhere in the forum today and @Nucejoenudged me over the finish line.

This watch represents a milestone for me.  It is the first watch I have cleaned using a bona fide L&R vintage watch cleaner and "really and truly" watch cleaning solution (L&R of course).

My donor Vulcain actually became the movement I used and I took several parts that had been scavenged already from the movement that came with this case.  Notice that the alarm pusher is stainless steel--that came from the donor because this Vulcain came without a pusher.  I am investigating electroplating it.  Maybe electroplate the whole case which is already 10KGF and wearing in several places.  I am going to leave the dial as is for now.  The discoloration is not what I would call "patina" since it probably resulted from the "accident" with this watch.

Sometime back, I bought a box of round watch crystals off ebay for 60 bucks or so.  Most of them are smallish, but I got lucky and found a crystal for this watch.  So far I think I have found three crystals from this purchase.  Not the best ROI, but hey...



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Update!  I found a partial Cricket case that had the button.  Bought it and installed it on this watch.  With the hood open, I fixed an issue with the alarm that had been bugging me.  Ended up replacing the alram on/off spring with one from the donor I have.  I also replaced the wig-wag in the keyless works.  For some reason, it would not seat properly and the  winding pinion would skip...strange.  Anyway, it works now.

2021-06-19 08_34_44-Photos.png

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