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Uncovered Gear Train Wheels, Strange?

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Recently a customer came to us with a rather old and inexpensive Avia watch that had a rather peculiar ETA movement in it, 455.111 (maybe a 450.111) I believe was its serial, but I may have miss-remembered that. 

I took a picture with what I had to hand, so it's a bit blurry, but take a look. 

Perhaps the gasket should have been cleaned before the picture instead of after, hmn.

Anyway, as you can see a couple of the gear train wheels are not covered by any bridge or cock. 
At first I thought perhaps it had been cowboy'd and I was in for a little problem but then i could see no fixtures to hold a bridge, and could see no pivots, so it had to be by design, sure enough it worked okay once I carefully changed the battery. (you can see the wheels are unnervingly close to the battery.)

But I couldn't think of a time when I'd seen anything like this, is this as unusual as i think?, or is this an established way of configuring the gear train that I just by fluke hadn't seen til now? any thoughts or insights?

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