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New (old) tool arrived...almost legit...now what? Who has one of these?

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This arrived today.  The jars were a mess, but I cleaned them up.  This looks like the first cleaner my Dad had in his shop.  I am sure I used it...but that was MANY years ago.

In the jars, there are star-shaped devices to generate turbulence.  Got it...this I remember.  In one jar, there is a vertical element that I suppose also adds turbulence.  This one I do not remember.  I only got one.  Should there have been one in each jar?  I did not snap a picture of it, but will if this will help this query.

Second question...or series of questions...

First jar--cleaner

Second jar--cleaner

Third jar--rinser

How long in each station?  I knew this 50 years ago, but that was then...I forgot...I am sorry ?

Final station is the drying station.  Is the motor static (still) in this final station?

I can reverse the direction.  Seems like in the newer machines, the reversing was automatic...like a washing machine.  What is the point for this machine?

Finally a laugh.

So digging through my Dad's stuff some long time back, I came across this huge 220 ohm resistor.  I was scratching my head when I saw it...what the hell?  I am electrical engineer but I never needed a 50 watt 220 ohm resistor for anything I designed (my stuff was integrated circuits!).  Well, today, the light went on.  That is the resistor used in the heater element of the cleaning machine!!!  LOL!  I guess he bought an extra.

2021-04-28 17_26_10-Window.png

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The first jar is the cleaning agent the following two jars are rinse. To save some money when replacing the fluids I re-use the second rinse fluid as the first rinse. 

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