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Fifteen Ticks To The Minute.

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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin!


A while back I bought myself a Favre-Leuba quartz watch with an ETA 555.415 movement to add to my small F-L collection. It was a non-runner but that wasn't a particular concern. A new battery made no difference so okay, display only.


More recently I bid on and won a going ETA 955.412 movement. I had misremembered that I had a 555 in the watch, not a 955 as I thought. No matter, I would swap them over. The first thing to tackle was the date ring as the donor date was at 6 and the recipient at 3. With the aid of Mark's excellent video I exchanged the rings although when I changed the date it felt a bit stiff, despite a dob of lube on the ring teeth. I should say that in the interim I had a crash course in tweezer wielding and sudden undesired launching of very small parts into the ether. An LED torch and lots of hands and knees were all that was required to remedy the matter and I only had to search for the same part twice.


Again, no matter. So I put the dial and hands back on, set it all in the case and added battery. Bingo, the watch went!


It was only after a few seconds that I noticed that the second hand had a nervous tic! This is the bit that has me stumped. The second hand moves once every four seconds! I know this because every time it moved it jumped four seconds - hence 'Fifteen times a minute'.


 Suffice it to say that the battery was removed and I contented myself by entirely disassembling the 555 movement for practice.


2070.gif  Has anybody any understanding of what's happening? The 955 was going quite normally before I mucked around with it! 




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No, Dumb -di-Dumb-Dumb-Dumb is what I am! The watch has an octagonal crystal and when I put the back on with my press I bust the **BLEEP** glass! I don't know where I'm going to find another - it's one with long sides and short corners.


If I bend over, will some one please kick me?!

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Bob, I've looked at all the images of F-L watches that the web offers but haven't yet seen an identical watch.post-742-0-91241000-1428964352_thumb.jpg


I don't even know what model it is unless the number 5955-53 and the infinity fish shape on the back are a clue.


Any ideas about crystal specialists who might carry a spare? To be honest it needed a new crystal as the old one had an ugly scratch and, not being acrylic, would have taken some serious polishing out.

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I  think i just watched a video from Mark today that had something that sounded similiar to what you described.   I believe If I remember right, he was replacing a battery to a movement and it was a matter of reprogramming it to get it back to one second intervals?  I have tried finding it to no avail.


Sorry this post was uselss nonsense. I hope get it figured out

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Hi clockwatcher,


The shape of that crystal reminds me of a newer Seiko I fixed once. The crystal was glued in place...and I replaced it with a Seiko part.


Well, all that said, I found back then that when crystals were not available or custom, there are unfinished blanks that can be used -- this might be old news for you, I'm just stating a "discovery" :)  - In any case, I believe that if you don't have the equipment, some suppliers will shape it for you...and you might get at least mineral glass quality to that! Worth exploring that avenue, I think (?).






PS. a good place to start would be Esslinger for unfinished glass.

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Nothing about watch repairing is old news to me Bob, which is why I'm finding so much on the forum absolutely fascinating.


I'll have at look at what Esslinger can offer but there's always the option of just getting some flat acrylic and shaping it myself. In common with most of my watches, this F-L doesn't stand me in very much so I'd be content to have it for display only.


Thanks for the advice.



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    • As I was typing this, @HectorLooi expressed the same idea. It's possible that when a wheel is pushed in the opposite direction it cants a little, or lifts up in its setting. I'd check end shake on everything first, since it's already assembled--I had a Seiko 6139 where one of the upper bridge jewels was pushed up a bit and caused it to behave unpredictably. Then I'd probably take all the wheels out and reinstall one at a time until I found the noise. Also look very closely at the bridge and flat parts of the wheels for wear marks. Look for shiny spots.
    • This sounds like one of the pivot holes has worn and become elliptical. Can you post some photos of the plates?
    • Even after thorough cleaning unfortunately the issue persists. I have made sure that all wheels are perfectly clean, no teeth are chipped, no gunk is left built up on them etc. yet the issue is not gone. When reassembling the movement I of course checked if the wheel train moves freely as that was the suspected cause of the issue before. And the intersting thing is - it does - but only in the "wrong" direction. Driving the wheeltrain by turning the mainspring barrel in the opposite direction as it would turn in normal operation, all wheels spin freely, and continue spinning for a few moments even after I stop providing power by hand. They behave the way I'm used to and have seen with other wheels before. However: When I apply torque in the opposite direction, the power delivery througout the train is not smooth or continuous. While it does turn, there are stages of increased resistance in the train. In addition to this, you can hear a slight "rubbing" sound whenever the trian passes by this point of increased resistance. The sound, to me, is more indicative of a surface rubbing on another surface, rather than the teeth of two wheels getting stuck within each other. Installing the click and putting a wind in the mainspring confirms this same issue, it does unwind and all wheels are powered, yet when the power reserve approaches depletion, it doesn't have enough power to push the wheeltrain past this point of friction. The slightest bump on any of the wheels will free the train, make it spin for however many rotations and then get stuck in the same way. You can do this several times before the power is actually completely depleted. This has really left me dumbfounded. I have inspected all of the wheels, pivots, teeth etc. on the entire wheel train and can't find any traces of dirt, any bent teeth or any warped or out of plane wheels. Besides: If one of the wheels was bent and rubbing up against some other part of the movement during a rotation, shouldn't it be doing this regardless of the direction of the rotation? This is supremely confusing to me and I can't figure out for the life of me why there is increased friction in only ONE direction and not the other. Installing the balance yielded the same result as before the disassembly: the watch runs great for about 50 seconds and then get's stuck when the wheel train get's bogged down. I mentioned earlier that there is a periodic scraping noise that can be heard when the gear train turns fast, this noise is not present when turning the train the opposiste direction. Does anyone have any ideas about which parts of the movement I can check for rubbing? I found no signs of wear or scraping on any of the bridges etc. so what would cause this periodic friction in one direction but not the other? I am very much a novice and have never dealt with such an issue before so I would love to hear what you people think about this. Thanks.
    • For me the second site has been hacked. 
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