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I'm looking for a heating plate for bluing screws and hands. I came across an article where they use an electric hob heater instead of a flame.
I’ve looked on Amazon and the hobs seem to be all limited to 240/465 – Celsius/Fahrenheit. Dark blue is reached at 300/572 Celsius/Fahrenheit. I’m not sure what kind of electric heater they use in the article but the heaters on Amazon don’t reach 300 degrees. I came across some scientific hot plates, they are some kind of hot plates and stirrers in one but they are expensive, there must be something cheaper that goes to high temperatures.
Any ideas what is out there that would do the job? I’d really like to stay away from the flame and have both hands free.
The article is here:

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On a course I attended we used a soldering iron with a hole drilled in the bit for blueing screws. The iron was supplied from a box with temperature adjustment and a digital temperature display. It worked very well, as the colour change from violet to blue was very gradual. It wouldn't work so well for larger parts though.

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That's a really good idea for bluing screws.
Unfortunately, I only need to do hands this time so I could do with something bigger I could put a brass tray on with shavings.

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