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Restoring / Repairing A Seiko 7T32 Quartz Movement - Videos

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In no way I intend to steal the job of our Mark, from whom I only can get inspiration (both in making the videos and in servicing the watches), but I started some time ago documenting (silently) my services in a series of videos. all watches are mine to either keep or resell on the popular online platforms, funding in this way the purchase of more expensice, better mechanical watches. But that is another story...


With this post I would like to introduce a series of parts of a video I made servicing a Seiko 7T32 quartz movement last week, and for the first time talking about it live (btw, I hate my voice...)


The video was prompted from some friends on another forum which were wondering if it was worthwile servicing this particular movement, since it is all in plastic (well, almost all). The thing is that I like tinketing with this movement, even if it is deemd by experts as a waste of time, since it is usually swapped for a new one when it brakes down. I am though of the opinion that this particular series of quartz chronographs deserves a proper service, also considering that it is not in production anymore, and you cannot find them easily anymore at decent prices.


Enough said, here the series of videos (6 parts in total)


Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:



Part 4:



Part 5:



Part 6:



There will be a part 7, in which I deal with the dial side of the movement, but it is still in the works.


Hope you enjoy the videos, and any comment / criticism is very well welcome.



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Unfortunately the video showing me working on the dial side of this movement never made it to youtube, since the memory card got corrupted somehow... it was a 8GB memory card with more than 2 hours of video on this watch, of which I managed to recover almost all (the videos you already saw and some more - unrelated), but that video in particular got ruined forever.


I can though show the final result...






I had bought a Seiko 7T32-7B30 NOS case with dial and hands, and what you see above is the final result. The only thing that is still "in the works", is the chronograph second hand, which is not original, but taken from a spare movement I had and it is slightly golden, not completely chrome as all the other hands of this model 7B30. I am looking for a proper replacement, but until then, it will have to do.

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