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Last Three Days The "bench Project".


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Seeing all those workplaces and benches here I decided to make one for myself. Budget, budget and budget. So...


We have in Brisbane this 'Reverse Garbage Shop'. They get stuff from businesses, manufacturers and citizens. They sort it out, price and sell to the public - excellent idea. Schools and artists have feasts.


I visited them few days ago and found four office cabinets kind of file cabinets with some draws. Made of MDF and cheap-board in very good condition. The only issue is they are VERY heavy. Got them home and started to fiddle with them, cut, drill saw etc. I had an old table top (glued pine) 1500 long and the top turned out to be just right for the bench. It all turns out to be a bit largish but I will have plenty of space for tools (tools to be) and parts.


I reduced the height of a pair of the cabinets so I can stack them up to rise the sides of the workplace. Decided for 900mm - it just fits under the window. It is still work in progress but at least I can sleep well knowing that I will have workbench so I do not need to bite my finger nails and feel this overwhelming envy for those of you already having nice workbenches. ;)


The collage is a bit messy as I generally am.  Half way one side already cut. Lowering the draws, fitting bench. The table top got little twisted and I hope I can spring flat it with some larger screws. As you can see I am still liked by birds. These are Australian Magpies. You feed them once and from that day they will demand food every day and complain if you are late. 


Next whatever is left of the cabinets.


Magpies sing nicely





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That will be a great setup once you have finished it Zenon, lot's of storage space plus natural light from the window. :) When your up and running, you'd better keep the window closed or your feathered admirers might steal the shiny bits! ;)

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 When your up and running, you'd better keep the window closed or your feathered admirers might steal the shiny bits! ;)

That is true to keep the window shut but the Australian Magpies are very honest and hardly ever steal not like the European :-) I am more worried about the rain. :D

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Almost done. I've test assembled it on the veranda - the workbench is heavy as if made of lead. Good that I got it all in modules.


Moved the bench inside and here it is:


While inside I added little shelf (for clocks and writing) the I can roll out.





Just that there is no mistake it will be used for watches and clocks (the staking set just took possession of the bench)..




So tomorrow I will try to install some fences on the bench top - back and sides - and on the shelf. I am quite happy with the result. Next a decent light.






I should have more pictures taken in the process to properly report the job and to give some workbench making ideas for others.

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Thank you all nice people. :) I am happy too. Even though I do not have the right woodworking tools it turned up ok. Once I can imitate, roughly, Mark's simpler performances in his videos (basic watch service) I am going to play with acoustics - poor man's escapement analyzer. Unfortunately the analyzer software works only on Windows and I am running Linux. Will see.


Thanks again and back to the finishi9ng touches.

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These are the last pictures of some final touches. Tomorrow I will move tools into the place.



This is the 'clockbench' shelf. I am not completely happy it needs adjusting but it will do for the moment - will be tested later.



Now you don't see it!






And now you do! :-)



This is the secret draw in which I will keep a lot of small bars of gold, platinum, rhodium (and californium if I can get a few of these) after I make bags of money on watchmaking. :-)



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Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Nice set up. Very impressed with the final result!






PS. Plenty of Californium in...California? I'll stick to Miamium, I think it is expensive enough! :)

Hm... Miamium it sound like roasted pork belly with horseradish and icy cold vodka! Screw the Californium then I am all the way for Miamium . :)

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    • Welcome to the WRT forum.   
    • You want pallets   level    with escape teeth, in DD and DU positions. Cap stone limits axial play on fork arbour. Rgds    
    • If you look at the image of the pushbutton you found on eBay I don't see a C clip. It looks to me like it's an entire assembly that screws in. This of course is where it be nice to have access to Swatch group where you'd actually get a breakdown if the part actually does break down. The reality of the fantasy of I can replace my button with no skills or tools rapidly crashes and burns when you probably can't. I do see there's a gasket as a good sign because a lot of times when they screw in they use Loctite and then realistically would have to take the movement out of the case plus if you are doing a really proper job you would also do a dry Water pressure test to make sure the watch is still water resistant if it hasn't been serviced since 2015 probably all the gaskets are shot anyway. Which is why taking it to a Swatch group service center would be the best they have a infinite supply of parts and this is what they do all day long.
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    • Good to see you didn't need to break and take the stem out in pieces. Everything now cleans in solution of soap water    IN ULTRASONIC. Good luck.
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