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If you mean is it a good movement to start with. I would say it depends on your pocket. I always advice beginners to start with pocket watch movements just learning how to take them apart and put back. Learning how to hold your screwdrivers and tweezers and how to use your eyeglass without it falling out.

The seagull st36 is a very basic movement to learn on it is just a standard  movement. 

I notice this is your first post. We like new members to introduce themselves first before asking for advice, don't worry many make this mistake. 

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Thank you,  I go by the name Viper.  I am new to the forum and still currently taking my courses.  It's nice to have this opportunity to speak to those with the knowledge I seek

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21 hours ago, Viper said:

Is the seagull st36 enough of a clone of the movement in the course, to work on

I assume you mean the watchrepairlessons.com courses. In that case this movement might be an option. It's the same as used in the courses except it doesn't have Incabloc anti-shock springs, but I don't think that should be a too big of a deal.

Good luck and welcome!

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