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16 hours ago, HectorLooi said:

Ok. I understand now. That "toe-in" angle is called the convergence angle.

The visor loupe that I have has a built in convergence angle. Even though the two lenses appear flat, if you look at the left and right edges of the lens, they are thicker than the middle where the lenses meet.

But then, with a simple, non-adjustable setup like this, it doesn't suit everyone. If you are lucky and the distance between  your eyes (inter pupillary distance) is the same as that of the visor, then all is good.

Even if you get an expensive surgical binocular loupe, you have to adjust the inter pupillary distance to suit you. And in my case, even the convergence angle didn't suit me. After using it for five years, squinting through slightly skewed lenses, I decided to do what the factory warned against doing. I loosened the lock screws and set my own convergence angle. And I have been using them for the last fifteen years.

Thanks for filling the gap in my vocabulary. The visor I got has no convergence angle. I imagine you're meant to adjust the pupilary distance by moving the lens set in/out, but with no angle at all, no amount of in/out will get the job done.

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I had a cheap Chinese made visor before I had to wear glasses.  It was never any good.  I got a Donegan Optivisor and it is worlds better.  It gets a little weird with progressive lenses in my glasses but I have it figured out now.  I don't know how they correct for pupil distance and convergence but they do.  It's their secret sauce. 

An Optivisor that ships from China is going to be a cheap fake.  Find a source for the true Made In USA one. 

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I saw Donegan on Amazon and it shows that it ships from China. If you look at the seller detail you find this, very suspicious. I’m buying mine from Esslinger. It costs more but at least you know what you’re getting.

Business Name:shijiazhuangqiamiaoshangmaoyouxiangongsi

Business Address:








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