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It finally came!  I snatched this beauty off Ebay (for my sins) not long after I received my income tax refund.  Generally I do not bother with getting a watch there if the seller does not post pics of the movement,  but being a grade 339 I knew I already had a number of good spare parts if it needed any.  Seller mentioned it "needed service".  As a result, the price was not that dear. But I am a total sucker for a 3-finger bridge, so I took the risk and bid.  And got it. 

Aside from a thorough cleaning I can't really tell what other "service" she may need as yet.  I wound her and set her, had her on a shelf dial-up, then dial-down, then carried her around for a few hours today.  She keeps excellent time!  The sound she makes is flawless.  She's in beat.  So just cleaning and fresh oil, which I'd have done anyway.  She's just a beauty inside and out.






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Now I'm just gilding the lily.  I'm putting the gold hands from one of my 16s Elgin parts movements onto the 339.  They are sister movements with a great many interchangeable parts; according to Ranfft's site the hands will fit.  I'm keeping the original hands in a little bag, but I want to use the gold ones.  They're head-turners.


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    • so now we have the ultimate? How do we deliver it?  
    • Russia is member of the Universal Postal Union and as such their Post must accept pieces for any destination. International tariffs link https://www.pochta.ru/documents/10231/726549028/УУС+2021_.pdf/ Interstingly unlike hey do not group destinations by listing orcontinents but by distance - however measured.  Then any individual seller is free to decide where they do ship and where not. I suggest that you contact the seller and inquire, he may be just be unfamiliar with remote destinations prices. 
    • I don't get your point. If you make or maintain a measurement tool, of any kind, you need a reference for calibration or just validation. It can be more or less accurate but it has to be there, that's metrology 101. You can have all the atomic clocks and Network Time Protocol to disseminate time, the issue is how to bring that accuracy to a standalone device and know if it is reliable.  Otherwise one can get into watercolor painting or other interests that do not require that kind of approach at all. 
    • Material houses like cousins, eslinger, ofrei, julesborel do carry watch parts, though I doubt you can find a sign crown for this. Familiarize with  Dr ranfft's very popular database for good general information on most calibers, just google ETA 1260 ranfft. Good luck
    • You can use any crown of your liking and that matches the pendant tube. Since you haven't posted pictures of the case one can't tell how it should like.  Two piece stems are easily available, even on Ebay.    As answered sometime. In the past service manuals did not exist because the watchmaker was supposed to known his trade well enough.  Parts lists were issued to ease identification and ordering, very many including for the one you have can be downloaded from Cousins UK. 
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