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Puzzled after re-assembly What do you think ?

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I've tried to service a tiny Seiko 2601 Automatic movement very small for me (18 mm)

So I finished  yesterday all was ok I've rewinded and I was happy because the balance started I've not checked amplitude or precision (for me just ticking it's already something)

Today I check and the watch have stopped and do not restart even when I rewind manually. 

Now when I put the main spring back in the barrel I've broken the end part at the opposite side of the pinion it was like a V because I don't have a main  spring rewinder so I make it manually (Shame on me).

So I suspect that the main spring is not clamped in the barrel and it's just spinning inside without giving any power to the movement.

The question is what method can I use to check my assumption. Not forget It's an automatic movement.


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If the spring isn't supplying torque, I try turning the barrel manually, a tooth pick or non metal small stick, you may have access to a gear in the train to turn or wind through the ratchet wheel.

I couldn't find a picture for seiko 2601 to see how best you can access the barrel to wind.

Perhaps just rurning the rotor to wind.  Anyhow you would hear the sound if the barrel discharges the wind. 

Another possible  issue , shake the watch see if the oscilator does a full oscilation.

Good luck



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If I understand this correctly:

Now when I put the main spring back in the barrel I've broken the end part at the opposite side of the pinion it was like a V because I don't have a main  spring rewinder so I make it manually (Shame on me).

You know already that you damaged the automatc bridle when refitting the mainspring. If that's the case, there's no need to check anything. You need to put a new mainspring in before you go any further. This is much easier than winding the old one back in. No tools required, and a guaranteed good result with a bit of care.

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