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Decent Watch Bands In The U.s.

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Can anyone recommend a supplier of decent watch bands in the U.S.?  I ordered one from Esslinger and this is what happened the SECOND TIME I put it on:




I don't necessarily need top of the line licked by kittens and blessed by angels quality.  Just something that will hold up.

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licked by kittens and blessed by angels quality


That's too funny! :) In any case, have you tried ofrei? I believe their quality is a bit better, some are the same though!





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Just wondering about selecting the correct size for this band.  The crappy band was an 18 mm and as you can see it is a bit smooshed.  The next standard size seems to be 16 mm.


I measure the width between lugs on this watch to be 17.43 mm.  What is the right choice for this measurement?

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If we complicate it ? The right size for your watch should be a 11/16 . That is 17,43 mm . There are straps out there in that size . But i would go for a nice 18 mm strap . From Hirsch och Rios . Rios has some very nice straps . 

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I'm surprised with that failure. I've had good quality from Esslinger. They will refund with no hassle though. They also carry a line of 17mm bands. I would go for one of those. I did for a vintage Elgin and am very happy with it.


Good luck,


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