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Decent Watch Bands In The U.s.

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Can anyone recommend a supplier of decent watch bands in the U.S.?  I ordered one from Esslinger and this is what happened the SECOND TIME I put it on:




I don't necessarily need top of the line licked by kittens and blessed by angels quality.  Just something that will hold up.

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licked by kittens and blessed by angels quality


That's too funny! :) In any case, have you tried ofrei? I believe their quality is a bit better, some are the same though!





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Just wondering about selecting the correct size for this band.  The crappy band was an 18 mm and as you can see it is a bit smooshed.  The next standard size seems to be 16 mm.


I measure the width between lugs on this watch to be 17.43 mm.  What is the right choice for this measurement?

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If we complicate it ? The right size for your watch should be a 11/16 . That is 17,43 mm . There are straps out there in that size . But i would go for a nice 18 mm strap . From Hirsch och Rios . Rios has some very nice straps . 

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I'm surprised with that failure. I've had good quality from Esslinger. They will refund with no hassle though. They also carry a line of 17mm bands. I would go for one of those. I did for a vintage Elgin and am very happy with it.


Good luck,


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    • ...and if you haven't found this already, here is the oiling chart: https://miyotamovement.com/product/8215/ --> scroll down to "Parts list/Exploded view" and open the tab.   
    • A worn winding pinion wouldn't release the power, as the click is holding the crown wheel. 
    • The problem with a watch like this is where is the technical information? I wasn't even sure that was even based on anything it looks from the link I have below it is based on a real watch well loosely based so maybe there's technical? https://calibercorner.com/pts-caliber-dg-2813/ There guess the watch company has a tiny bit of technical they acknowledge they made the watch but not seeing any service information? https://miyotamovement.com/product/8215/ I did finally find a service sheet for the watch but as it said in the first link it's not an exact clone so that will be some variations. The problem with the Chinese watches they do not supply any technical information spare parts or anything at all other than a cheap watch Which is fine until you go to service the thing and then they'll be problems. On the other hand there clone of the 6497/6498 pocketwatch is almost identical and that means that there is a Swiss tech sheet available which is very very close unlike here where there'll be some differences Now this is a much better choice for watch as they have a website. I'm attaching the technical information for your watch from the website at least they have a really decent service guide versus the Chinese. https://www.timemodule.com/             8691_276584548-Spare-parts-reference-for-the-Miyota-8205-8215-movement.pdf NH35_PL.pdf NH35_SS.pdf NH35_TG.pdf
    • Guys, thanks for your help! According to the advice of a colleague @nevenbekriev, I managed to straighten the spring. Surprisingly, it turned out completely flat. Like new. And the watch after that, for the first time since it was with me, started running late. 🙂 That's great news!!! The rotation of the weights is about 190/200 degrees. In the past 12 hours, it was 4 minutes late. I still have enough room to speed it up. Looks like everything will be OK.  Thank you very much for your help!
    • Thank you for this post. Adding on to it, I've done a little digging trying to get the most bang for my buck. So I really wanted a set that had a base. You can buy the screwdrivers for around $33 usd 10 Piece Screwdriver Set. The base is around $32 usd Rotating Screwdriver Base (Grey) plus $20 in shipping, with tax you are looking at about $90 which is an excellent deal for what you get but I still didn't want to spend that much. I saw that they had the 9 piece set w/ base for $59 usd 9 Piece Screwdriver Set W/Base and I had a 'welcome discount' and got a matching 3mm screwdriver for 99 cents. 3mm Screwdriver. (without the discount the screwdriver is $6) With free shipping my total was $66.55 usd. So, I saved about $24 to go without a slot for a 3mm screwdriver. I'll take that! I hope this helps anyone looking to save a buck or two. Also, this corrects the issue of the orange 1.8mm screwdriver. 😉
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