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    • Hi, I guess I’m a watch collector. My wife thinks I may have a problem. Anyway I want to learn how to do some minor repairs and maintenance. I just happened on this form and am excited about it. I’ll go over the rules and be a great member. I live in Bessemer Alabama and work as a registered nurse. 
    • the watch was serviced, not manually wound then purposely not worn overnight to check the wind down time, so if you ask me habits did change esp since he was sick and was not moving much. Now if he manually wound it and it did not run overnight then i would say without a doubt there is an issue with the service. I don’t think its wise to just automatically jump to service as the culprit, I like to give the professionals the benefit of the doubt.   BTW Bauertime sorry for your loss - you will be in my prayers tonight
    • I hate these so called non scratch modern crystals. I usually scratch them the first few days of ownership. Then you need to almost burn out the dremel motor to polish it out with diamond paste. If they where good quality plastic, I could rub it on a piece of leather with some polish paste and be done with it in under five minutes.
    • I have a vintage Rocket crystal tool with base in the box from ebay, Got it for under $10.00 and use it all the time.
    • Hi, I have a old Timex automatic it works and seems to keep time, but it rattles pretty bad. How do I take the back off, and then repair it? 
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