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Can anyone suggest the correct tool or procedure for cleaning this watch face? I'm don't want to damage it while cleaning it. Perhaps one of the experts can let me know if the little specs I see are likely to come off. Thanks


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Could you post a picture with the crystal off perhaps?

Your dial is metal that is textured and then coated with paint and varnish. The paint is usually on the metal and below the varnish, but not always. The risk with cleaning comes from removing the top-most coating. In some old watches, the varnish gets gummy with age and particles of dust and lint get stuck in it, like dinosaurs in a tar pit.

It is hard to remove specs and stains. A common problem people don't anticipate is changes in glossiness and texture. Cleaning one spot (with Rodico, erasers, etc) might give it a flat, matte finish that really stands out much worse than the specks did.

Cleaning metal dials is one of those "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em" sort of things. I tend to avoid it.

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