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Balance staff remover: K&D 50

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I hope everyone is doing well.  I've been searching the market for a k&d balance staff remover tool to use with my staking set.  The K&D 50 type comes in different sizes depending on the gap between the goose neck of the staking set and its table (the gap on mine is 11/16 inch).  Reading the k&d instructions my staking set calls for a 3/4 inch k&d 50 tool.  I've not found a 3/4 on ebay.  I have found a 5/8 inch, so I'm wondering if the the 5/8 inch would work--that must depend on how far out the knob unscrews (and heightens) to fit tight inside the gap.  Or might the next size up work.   Does anyone know?  Thank you.

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Thanks for taking the time.  i think i'm either having cognitive issues or my eyesight is getting way bad :), but the measurements i gave were not correct.  i used my digital calipers this time and a measurement of 27 mm or roughly 1 inch.  so according to the chart i would need a kd 50 model 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch.  i don't know where they get those measurements; is it from the top to bottom with the top screwed all the way down?    do you know which is your model; it's often times printed on the front of the original box if you have it.  would you mind measuring from the top to the bottom with the top screwed all the way down.  that way i'll have some base for comparison when shopping online.  have a nice day.

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Well, this thread solved a mystery for me.  I have posted about my Tri-Duty staking set before w/r to using it on a lathe.

I had noticed the staff-remover tool before, but knew it was to short to work on my other staking set.  No wonder...it is designed to fit this try-duty set.  It comes with the unique stakes that fit into the adjuster.

This is great!  I have done three staff replacements so far...with my other staking set.  This discovery should remove any error to the process.

2021-05-23 10_45_54-Photos.png

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