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Does anybody know what this tool is used for. Has a stake that goes through the center and looks like it is held in a vice. Around 3 inches high(with stake) 1/2 inch wide and 1.5 inches deep.




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2 hours ago, JerseyMo said:

oh back in my old shop we would call that a "goes-in-ta".   ?  as in that goes into the pile of stuff we have no idea what it is.

Now that is a very funny comment

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1 minute ago, AlexanderToerzs said:

Dear JD,

No doubt this is a Jabbeedoo if ever there was one.

Cheers from Hamburg,


You, my friend have been watching my videos:)

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6 hours ago, AlexanderToerzs said:

I most certainly have. Thank you for your highly informative and entertaining contribution to horology. 

All the best Alex

Thank you for the interesting reference to my use of the term jobbiduhickie

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