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Finding the "correct" crystal for an Omega C 2576-7


This is an ongoing project for me. I have just replaced the hands and dial on this watch, as well as servicing and replacing some damaged internal parts.

When I got the watch, it had a very poorly fitted crystal that dropped out with very little pressure from the inside.

I have installed a generic crystal that is nice and snug so it is working for now. But I would love to find the right NOS crystal for it. Ebay has many listings for crystals, with the diameter listed, and usually Omega part numbers form the paper envelope, but I am currently lacking the research knowledge to figure out what the correct part number would be.

I know I need a 29.6mm crystal with a silver ("white") tension ring, or at least I am reasonable sure that is correct. 

I have found images of the parts breakdown for the movement parts but nothin similar for the case.

Can anyone point me to a good reference for the case parts?



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Cousins says part number PX5000. But that’s a gold ring type, oddly. I’d try fitting a Sternkreuz ATC which should be a very close match. Size = rebate diameter + 0.1 or 0.2mm. 

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If you go to cousins battery on the case number in the document search you'll get the PDF I have attached

On 3/13/2021 at 4:53 AM, rodabod said:

Cousins says part number PX5000. But that’s a gold ring type,

Based on the PDF your number is more or less correct you just have to change one of letters. Then it looks like there's a seller on eBay  not cheap of Although cheaper than what Omega would sell it to you for

63PZ5000  GLASS PLEXI ST RING D29.62 H4.3


7377_Omega 2576 CK Case.pdf

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