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    • I have no problems with mine. you had one or are you speaking with the usual prejudice about Asian tools?  Another type I recommend is the Aluminum one withe the screw in between pillars. No need to spend big money or go hunting vintage when it comes to decent tools.   
    • No its stubbornly stuck at the top of the tubes although a few blobs have started running down the tubes 
    • With the PTC Heating Element arrived, it was time for some metal bashing.  Actually, it briefly got a bit more "high tech" that that. I needed to try and replicate the Elma Heater, based upon what the Elma spare part heater looks like from catalogue pictures. A quick estimation on my part seemed to indicate a mounting plate size of around 90mm diameter (the element being 75mm on it's long side). Where to sort it from?  A quick conversation with an old work-mate turned up the opportunity for a catch-up and a bit of "metal bashing" for the cost of a light lunch. A bit of mild steel around 1.5mm think was run through his laser/plasma cutter in no time and I had my mounting plate. Once back home, it was drilled to attach the heating element. So that job done, now to mount it in the machine. In my opinion, it's not a bad replication of the original Elma spare part and I cannot imagine that it would be any less efficient. SO - if you cannot get hold of the Elma Heating element, all you need is a relatively cheap PTC Heating element, and a good mate with around £35,000's worth of plasma cutter!    
    • It should drop immediately. Are you sure its not the staining of the tube you are seeing.   
    • I have a french four glass clock that has a mercury pendulum, I have noticed that the tubes where placed upside down I have placed them the right way up, how long does it take for the mercury to run to the bottom of the tubes because its not exactly free running stuff, I think it would be pointless trying to regulate the clock until it has is this correct ?
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