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Is something wrong with these new bronze Bergeon tweezers?

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Hello, newbie question here. These tweezers don't open as widely as others I have held from Bergeon, Dumont, Regine, etc... They also require such a light "squeeze" that they slip out of the fingers if not supported from beneath by a 3rd finger. (Bergeon 7421-PM-S5 purchased from a large, well regarded watchmaking/jewelry distributor here in the US)

Is this normal? Do they need adjusting? Or, is it better to ask for an exchange/refund? My personal inclination is to tinker with them and try to adjust them myself, but I wanted to check in with you all first.

Thank you for any help and advice. I'm slowly learning the ropes.





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Just spring them open. If you go too far, hold them in your non dominant hand "backwards", holding tightly right where the 'Bergon' printing is, then push the tail end back and forth. This will bring the tips closer in its relaxed state.

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Nothing wrong with them, each is suitable for certain tasks. 

The main reason parts fly off is excessice squeezing of tweezers. Easy does it.

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Thank you nicklesilver and Nucejoe. I'll give those suggestions a try.

I experienced parts flying out of the cheap ($4), stiff set of tweezers I started with. These tweezers encourage a more delicate touch.

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