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Refurbish cross-slide...seized metal

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This cross-slide was part of my inheritance.  Seems to work fine, but I decided to clean it up today.

All went well except for this handle and brass knob.  The handle is seized to the SS rod.  Right now, I am soaking it in WD40.

I am being very careful not to damage anything.

The rod, as I said, is likely stainless steel.  The handle appears to be a non-magnetic cast metal.  Since It is not magnetic, aluminum would be my guess, but it is pretty hard (seems to hard for aluminum).

Any thoughts?  I know some of you guys tear down and clean this kind of stuff.

2021-03-01 14_02_40-Photos.png

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On a cross slide, I’d expect that thread to be carbon steel. Not that it makes a huge amount of difference. 

I’d use shock (tap with a light hammer) or heat (but only just too hot to touch so as not to adjust temper) to help loosen jammed parts. 

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OK, what I did was soak it in WD40 for 24 hours.  Then, with a tap tap on each side of the handle with a leather mallet, tugging with my hands and a little very careful prying it came of.  Then the removal of the brass know was a little of the same process without the prying. 

Soaked the brass in lemon juice.  The brass know is two pieces.  I had to drill a hole in a block of wood that was bigger than the insert but smaller than the knob.  Then with a wooden dowel, I knocked out the center piece.

The center piece should have a spring that keeps pressure on the outer knob.  It appears to be complete eaten away.  Wow.

I will post pictures later

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