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Ola H.


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Hey I've hanging around on the forum for quite a while!

And now I at least do a profile, i'am a electric engineer in profession!

How always have loved watches, and buys some on flea markets or Ebay over the years!

For about ten years i start to fix with movements, with great helps of this forum. And Mark on youtube off cause!

I'am from Sweden so "klocksnack" has also been a place to join!

Have it great!

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    • I cut and place a piece of white paper over the pith wood before you pin the spring on, you can see details better in contrast ( white &  spring).  Cigarette boxes the kind that contains 20 cigartte is good, better than thin paper.  This should be easy to fix, at least you know where the bend was and already studded. Good luck  
    • Hi In my opinion Optical Microscopes are far superior to digital scopes for one main reason and that is depth perception offered by the use of a Stereo microscope, plus its easer to work looking down at the work area rather than looking up at a screen, it just feels wrong. This is the one I use, you will need to add a Barlow lens which is about £20 to give a greater working distance between work and lens so you can get your screwdrivers etc in under the lens but that's it, it will take a camera should you want to add one, I did and its a boon to be able to review video or pictures you took during the disassembly to help remember where all the bits go, it does not need to be super hi resolution so again not too expensive. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124373214244?hash=item1cf538a424:g:RBoAAOSwOQpfmcWS Its said that once you try a Microscope you will never go back to using a loupe and with that I can agree.  
    • I'm very new to both watch repairing in general and this channel in particular, so I'm also still in the mode of buying/finding enough tools to enable me to strip and rebuild a mechanical watch. ( And I'm still gasping at some of the prices of these tools... ) However, it seems that some form of magnifier is a MUST and the 3x over-glasses that I already have just don't cut the mustard. I've scanned through this forum and I've read through several of the topics and I can't see this exact question aired anywhere else. And I wear corrective lens glasses - have done for forty years now.. So, a question for the hive mind, please... Should I plump for some sort of digital microscope (Andonstar or equivalent), or should I settle on some sort of optical microscope (A Brunel BM1 for example)? They both seem to be about the same price... Thanks Ian
    • What am I doing wrong.  I cannot find Elgin numbers this low in the Bestfit nor Marshall handbooks. @JohnR725I know you have the answer.
    • I have this book and it does have an extensive amount of hairspring material.  I wonder how different it is from the one you list. I was looking at the breguet section several weeks ago but did not review it in prep for this exercise. I wish I had a set of those bending tweezers.  I have been looking for them but so far, no luck.
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