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On 3/24/2021 at 1:51 PM, LittleWatchShop said:

Using my lathe, I attempted to make this rather large staff for a stopwatch.  The challenge started with how to make the slot in the staff.  I attempted it with a dremel.  Very crude.  I thought about using the cross slide and a cutting wheel on the headstock, but, alas, there is no Z adjustment on my cross slide. 

I don't know if that is in the books, but you might try grinding a forming tool and cut with it using the slides, push toward the work which is held in a collet with the spindle well braked.

That is done sometime to cut keyways in gears and pulleys. There is even people cutting entire cogwheels this way, I call them lathe diehards.

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Here is my setup with copious magnification!  I am now at the point of being dangerous.  Quality tools in the hands of an amateur. When I was a kid, I would often play with this lathe, but never

The Geneva style lathes I mentioned above which I run with the same setup is an 8mm Lorch and a 6mm BMC, even if the motor is slightly more powerful, I think I get good enough control to cut a cannon

I love my WW bed Boley & Leinen lathe. From turning staking tool punches in the first video, to gauging the wobble and eventual straightening of a Valjoux 7733 fourth wheel arbor in the last

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On 2/24/2021 at 9:13 AM, Klassiker said:

The concern I would have with a toothed belt is, they have no stretch in them

Taken guidance to heart and replaced toothed drive belt with 3mm TPU (I have lots and lots of TPU because I use it in my 3D printer when I am printing things that need to be flexible...stretchable).  One benefit is that the lathe is quieter now.

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    • I'm confused with this answer? although it's probably because I didn't state what I wanted clearly that's the problem it's my fault maybe I should apologize sometimes I'm stupid because I can't explain things. Okay to be honest I want something that doesn't exist? let's start off with what does exist and to some degree why I don't care? For frequency calibration we just need GPS we need a precision GPS so I'm snipping something out of the witschi calibration manual of their GPS receiver we need a specific kind of GPS receiver. But even in the calibration kit they don't have what I want? You would think at the bargain price of £1600 they would have what John would like to have although they don't. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/witschi-calibration-gps-receiver what we need is a delivery method and that's the problem? We know that all the timing devices are supposed to pick up the vibration of the watch not the audio sound. what I mean by delivery system is we need something small that would output ideally a vibration with little audio. Like I have zero idea would an earbud work? Especially if you plug the hole. The reason why complain about delivery is for instance if I had a phone App which is quite common. Then I go to a friends house and asked him to play the wave file with his 15 inch subwoofers massively huge's speakers if we crank the volume up I'm sure the phone app would work just line outside of his house that's made out of concrete block. Pack the phone app I work fine five blocks away. But I'm looking for something really tiny that more closely simulates a watch that preferably be relatively inexpensive easy to get or basically I want the impossible.    
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • so now we have the ultimate? How do we deliver it?  
    • Russia is member of the Universal Postal Union and as such their Post must accept pieces for any destination. International tariffs link https://www.pochta.ru/documents/10231/726549028/УУС+2021_.pdf/ Interstingly unlike hey do not group destinations by listing orcontinents but by distance - however measured.  Then any individual seller is free to decide where they do ship and where not. I suggest that you contact the seller and inquire, he may be just be unfamiliar with remote destinations prices. 
    • I don't get your point. If you make or maintain a measurement tool, of any kind, you need a reference for calibration or just validation. It can be more or less accurate but it has to be there, that's metrology 101. You can have all the atomic clocks and Network Time Protocol to disseminate time, the issue is how to bring that accuracy to a standalone device and know if it is reliable.  If not liking that one can get into watercolor painting or other interests that do not require that kind of approach at all. 
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