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Hello everyone!

Ever since I was little I've always been fascinated with taking things apart, to the point my parents quit buying me things.lol Sometimes I'd put them back together and other times not. Recently I've been looking for something to challenge my mind and attention to detail. Fixing computers for people sometimes just requires rebooting or uninstalling downloads that had viruses, not so much fun. I stumbled across watch movements and instantly fell in love. I've been doing hours and hours of studying all on my own time. I've yet to disassemble a movement, but have ordered tools and a movement, and they should be here in the next week. I can't wait to get started and show my progress to the watch repair community and other forums and blogs.

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    • It's a mix of equipment and technique. For getting a finish free of microscratches on stainless steel, I use loose 4" cotton wheels and the Menzerna family of compounds. I step down from blue (if needed) to pink to yellow to white. In between each step, clean the case with a steamer or an ultrasonic cleaner. You can get true mirror polishing, with no swirls or scratches under a 10x loupe and raking light, this way. An underappreciated side of this level of polishing is contamination. Different grits shouldn't be used on the same wheel, or course, but think also about your fingers, how the piece is cleaned and wiped down, and so on. A fine finish will be scratched if a piece is wiped or dried with something that has old compound residue on it.    
    • I've just finished watching your video jd. Excellent work as always. As I said in the comments on Youtube it wasn't boring for me. How about some brass plates for your vice they won't leave marks on your jacot tool.  
    • For those who were curious of what the 7750 flash-files contained and didn´t have time to download the swf files I did a small compilation of the [email protected] application a while ago. In this PDF you also get some extra information. So no need for a flashplayer.....   ETA 7750 HSL EDITION.pdf
    • Greetings, there is a couple of years that i have started as a  hobby to work with the watch repair. As you know the bergeon mainspring winder set is too expensive and for that reason i tried to find something more affordable. The last week i manage to buy from an auction a swiss set that looks exactly as the bergeon but it has only the first 7 sizes of winders. I would like to ask if you know the inside diameter of the bergeon handle because i want to buy an other size of those winders and i dont know if this fits to my handle. Thank you in advance for your interest and your understanding. 
    • Thanks Chris! I should have known to just email you with this question. 
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